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The websites of the Audi employee canteens and bistros are among the most heavily frequented pages on the company’s intranet. They offer a wide variety of meals in rotation, all of which use fresh ingredients and modern, international recipes.

Audi needed a central system to manage the POS screens and intranet for its employee canteens and company restaurants. This system would automate the planning, administration and publication of its meal schedules and recipes while ensuring absolute legal certainty as per EU directives. This needed to include all used ingredients.

The Audi Gastro software by Digiden enables the company to publish its current local meal schedules and counter labels centrally on screen. They can be viewed from around 20 outlets in the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm factories. For each meal, all substances are labelled as declared by the suppliers. This automation and standardisation of routine tasks has given the in-house restaurants greater freedom in their development of creative recipes and meal preparation. And the employees of Audi know exactly what their tasty meals contain.

Audi Software
Audi Software