An ocean of colours

Launch of the IGA Berlin 2017 website

The Internationale Gartenausstellung (international garden show) attract millions of visitors every year. By creating new parks, it makes a lasting impact on their urban environments. In 2017, the IGA took place in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Alongside the impressive creations of landscape architects and professional gardeners, visitors got to enjoy a plentiful entertainment programme featuring educational programmes, sports and large-scale cultural events and concerts.

The new website of IGA Berlin 2017 aims to present a large amount of service information in a clear, barrier-free format. It encourages its visitors to buy a ticket and attend the show (call to action). 

IGA Berlin 2017 comprises around 4000 separate events. This calls for a highly sophisticated website: not only does it need to provide visitors with easily navigable information, it must be a powerful coordination tool that consolidates the vast number of events in a clear, uniform and useful format for editors and organisers. Behind the scenes, we integrated an event management system to coordinate internal processes (e.g. event and contract creation, room allocation). An integrated booking workflow system helps teachers sign up for IGA Campus events; it also makes it easier for the IGA Campus team to manage bookings. 

The content of the IGA channels is easily visible on the social media stream, and website users can easily share content with their friends using the dedicated sharing functions.