Change communication

Transforming BG BAU into a service provider

BG BAU is the German trade association of the construction industry. It makes an important contribution to occupational health and safety in the sector. Since May, 2016, CB.e has been responsible for communicating its internal programme Dienstleisterin BG BAU (“BG BAU as a service provider”). Its purpose is to reinforce the organisation’s identity as a modern service provider. We implement transparent communication structures and instil a positive approach to change by way of strategic consultancy and sustainable measures. These include the development of a guiding principle, events for approximately 4000 employees, a staff magazine and an intranet.

An interactive tour of the programme conveys both the necessity and the opportunities of the change process. The dialogue-based, participative event concept reaches more than 1,500 employees in 13 locations.

A film about transition in the construction industry (“Die Baubranche im Wandel”) recounts the history of the sector: from an age before accident insurance to the services offered by BG BAU today. It also offers a glimpse into the future of construction. Drones, 3D printing and computerised exoskeletons already give us an idea of the future developments awaiting the construction industry and BG BAU.