Credit applications to Privatbank

Development of a user-friendly application submission and processing system

CB.e is developing an online application submission and processing system for an innovative financial product offered by Bankhaus Dr. Masel AG.

It serves two main purposes. Firstly, existing and new clients can submit credit applications through an easy, fast process. Each client can use a credit calculator developed by CB.e to determine whether a financial product is available to them at their preferred conditions. Secondly, the bank staff can review and process credit applications in the online system, which is adapted to the bank’s internal processes. The application offers a bidirectional communication channel to the applicant and voting processes in multiple stages.

The user dialogue between the applicant and the bank supports the transfer of master data and the execution of transactions involving file formats and supporting communication. Multi-level system segmentation and the implementation of additional security components ensures that all confidential data are completely secure.

With its online application submission and processing system, CB.e has created a highly efficient, user-friendly product.