Daimler general assembly

Medial and interactive applications move the silver star: the 2015 general assembly of Daimler AG

CB.e was given the task of designing and implementing a new concept for the Daimler general assembly in 2015. For the first time, it would take place in the new CityCube in Berlin.

A new location and a new corporate design: as Daimler AG left ICC, its long-standing headquarters, it asked CB.e to redesign the event to match its new corporate design. From white and blue to silver. This makes the 2015 general assembly the prototype of the new Daimler AG design.

In a highly productive co-creation process with its client, CB.e designed a stage set and an exhibition, creating a completely new presentation for the company and its product brands. The stage was more than sixty metres wide. Animated soft-edge projections conjured up a moving, silver object that impressively embodied the new corporate design of Daimler AG. Nearly 30 exhibition vehicles, medial and interactive applications and a visual loop measuring almost 200 metres transformed a space of 6000 square metres into a worthy platform for the company’s product brands and its research topics.

CB.e also coordinated the complex interaction of all involved departments and processes in the new building – in full compliance with the requirements of corporate law, of course.

It continues to support its long-standing client on new, constantly evolving levels of design and logistics. The shareholders, guests, media representatives and company members who attended the general assembly were thrilled by the new corporate image.