Discover the wonders of Grün Berlin

Website relaunch for the Grün Berlin Group

The capital is dotted with parks and open spaces managed by Grün Berlin: Gardens of the World, Tempelhofer Feld, Britzer Garten and many others of their kind. They are surprisingly versatile and multi-faceted.

Our task was to create a new website that would provide an overview of these diverse grounds while emphasising the uniqueness of each. Its structure deliberately explores the contents of each garden and park that is being presented. We wanted to encourage users to discover the other gardens, so we integrated interactive elements that link to other content, inviting the users to navigate to new pages. This allows them to explore the parks in their entirety as well as the Grün Berlin Group.

All content is specifically designed for mobile devices. Interactive park maps with directions and a weather widget improve the mobile user experience further.

The website uses Drupal, a PHP-based, open-source content management system. Its modular structure offers many opportunities to publish content and coordinate different functions ideally. It takes subsequent editing work into consideration.


Die mobile Version der Grün Berlin Webseite