Hands on!

Managerial meeting at Schindler

Having just appointed a new CEO, the internationally leading producer of lifts and escalators aimed to set new standards for service-based company leadership in 2013.  During a two-day conference under the tagline “Lead. Change. Shape”, discussions and workshops brief 350 managers were briefed on the new internal strategy.

An evening get-together revisited the topics of the conference in a new light, allowing everyone to engage with them once more. The client’s request: turn our focus on service into a performance event.

The collaborative motto “Hands on! Do it yourself!” invited the attending managers to get involved and build their own party. The shared, creative process unleashed synergies and powers in each individual participant, raising awareness both of their own role within the company and of the strengths and potentials of the team.

An interior design concept composed of Euro-pallets gave a modern, urban appearance to the setting at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. The multi-functional segments are easily turned into lounge suites, bars, high tables and coffee tables. Colleagues chopped, mixed and grilled – together and for each other’s benefit. The CEO pulled pints.

All attendees worked together to create a unique, authentic evening that brought out individual strengths in everyone.

The employees got to discover their own appetite for self-efficacy in a surprising, amusing context, developing a willingness to take responsible beyond their own field of responsibility.