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Personalised video clip for trade fairs

CB.e developed a very special give-away for the Allianz presentation at DKM 2012, held at Westfalenhallen in Dortmund. Attending specialists from the financial and insurance sector got to star in their own, personalised video clips. Under the tagline “Experience performance”, the short films lauded them for discovering the sports slogan of the year. 

CB.e edited existing Allianz video material, adding dynamic images and text in many places. Visitors had their pictures taken at a photo station on site. Those who entered their name and e-mail address into a digital form had their clips sent to them after the event. They also got to choose a slogan from various categories or come up with their own adage. As the videos were pre-recorded, the developed application rendered the results very quickly. The finished films were available immediately. At the same time, the clips were sent out to the provided e-mail addresses and copied onto free USB drives alongside Allianz info materials.

Our application was designed such that two visitors could star in the same video together.