The medium is the message

How does grid planning work? How do the transmission system operators plan new grids for new forms of energy? A new website answers these questions.

The transmission system operator are grid-planning experts: professional, passionate and high-tech. CB.e has developed a website that embodies these characteristics both visually and textually. It makes an distinctive contribution to the image of the TSO.

Redispatch, infeed management, peak current limitation, rotating phase modifiers. Too complicated? Not for CB.e. Since the launch of the grid development plan five years ago, the agency has been consulting the four German transmission system operators 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW about all related communications issues. This includes the associated website, of course. In early November, it was relaunched with a new design and optimised usability.

Its new visuals clearly convey that these grid operators are in charge of the technically sophisticated infrastructure that gives us the fuel of our entire civilisation: electricity. We did not need any complicated photo shootings: skilfully applied image filters allowed us to use our clients’ existing images. They were integrated into a coherent reinterpretation of the corporate design, also developed by CB.e.

Another new feature: the clear structure and menu. The “burger menu” used in many smartphone applications shapes the style of the site. Its content is more distinctly separated and more intelligently interconnected. Depending on their existing knowledge, users can choose different levels of information. This helps them understand the complex topic of grid development better. Thanks to the new content management system based on DRUPAL 8, updating the website becomes faster and easier.

But we have said enough. Have a look for yourself, learn about grid planning and find out how the transmission system operators develop new grids for new forms of energy:

Mehrere Ansichten der Startseite