More information with touch

A trade fair booth as a brand ambassador and source of information

Trade fair booths are brand ambassadors. If a telecommunications provider such as Vodafone does not want its booth to look like a mobile phone shop, it needs to integrate a clear brand message.

Vodafone needed a booth concept that would advertise its LTE segment at smaller events. The design developed by CB.e AG features iconographic imagery and functional furniture in the shape of three letters. This left little space for additional information. CB.e integrated an 80” touchscreen into the rear wall of the booth, which provided information as well as a visual highlight. The “T” incorporated two tablets and bidirectional speakers.

The 80” streams an interactive application that presents Vodafone’s coverage of the various mobile communications standards in Germany. If no visitors interact with the app for a while, it plays a loop. The tablets are Samsung Galaxy 10.1 models with a specially developed kiosk app. They teach visitors about the advantages of LTE over other mobile communications standards.


Touchscreen Vodafon