Setting the stage for a smart world of boundless exchange

Every year, Samsung organises a nationwide order fair in the form of a roadshow, presenting its latest product highlights and shop displays to German specialist traders. CB.e was responsible for the concept and implementation of the roadshows in 2009–2012.

Every year, a new theme highlights the partnership between customers and companies. Claims along the lines of “Going further together” convey modern customer requirements and the potential they offer. The presentation of different stages of life expresses the interaction made possible by Samsung networking technologies, conjuring up a smart world of boundless exchange.

CB.e develops themed product displays to showcase Samsung product highlights and the latest trends in information technology. Clear shapes, matte-white surfaces, mirror-polished display fronts and accent lighting create an attractive scene. Thanks to its modular structure, the trade fair display is easily assembled and disassembled and has a low transport volume.