Under Construction

Strategic consultancy and communications campaigns accompany change.

The Berlin company GEHAG and Deutsche Wohnen AG have merged into the second-largest German property company listed on the stock exchange. This merger required a strategic reorientation process.

CB.e was in charge of the strategic consultancy work. With the tagline “Under Construction”, we designed an accompanying communications campaign for the change process and its implementation: employee and management communications, change medium, intranet for the transition and relaunch, staff party. This is directly linked to the external image of the new company: CD development and business equipment, online relaunch, publications and photo shoots, sales materials, adverts, branding.

The result: two companies fused together over the course of twelve months. The comprehensive communications support of CB.e created transparency and enthusiasm for the process in all involved parties. Feedback from financial professionals, employees and clients on the merger and the “new” Deutsche Wohnen has been overwhelmingly positive.