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BT Berlin Transport intranet

The facts

Fact 1: Berlin Transport is part of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) group of companies. It has approximately 1800 employees. Most of them spend their working hours navigating buses and underground trains through the capital around the clock. It is a vast team whose members never share the same space.

Fact 2: BT already had a modern intranet at the start of the project. CB.e completely revamped it in 2012 and introduced a simple content management system in addition. This provided an excellent basis for disseminating information to employees and entering into digital dialogues with them.

Fact 3: The employees on the streets and railway lines of Berlin barely used the intranet. After all, they only had a chance to do so in their free time, at home.

Our solution in three steps

Step 1: CB.e. chose a “social mobile intranet” solution for BT. All functions were designed for mobile accessibility. In line with its strategic principle, “mobile communication with mobile people”, Berlin Transport gave out smartphones with free data flat-rates to all employees.

Step 2: In addition, CB.e developed the BT News app. It has a push function: employees automatically receive individual notifications as soon as the company publishes news on the intranet. Based on the user experience of social networks, the users can give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to each piece of content.

Step 3: CB.e reworked the intranet using the methods of responsive web design. The content, structure and navigation of the website now automatically adapt to the screens of mobile devices. Drivers can comfortably use the new intranet during their breaks from their smartphones. They stay up to date at all times without any effort.

The results

Result 1: Traffic on the new intranet doubled soon after its introduction. The employees of Berlin Transport feel well informed and connected.

Result 2: The highly user-friendly intranet concept of Berlin Transport was distinguished with the German Prize for Online Communication in 2014. The solution prevailed over its competitors in the “Intranet” category, including Porsche and Bertelsmann. Since 2011, the German Prize for Online Communication has been awarded to outstanding projects, campaigns and strategies in the field of digital communication.

The benefits

The advantages of an upgraded, modern intranet are not limited to companies with geographically dispersed teams or employees who can only access the internet in their free time. Mobile applications for smartphones, tablets and similar devices have become an intrinsic part of modern life. Companies offering a social mobile intranet have better access to the everyday lives of their staff. This improves the likelihood of employees noticing and consuming company content. They are better informed and more committed. In addition to the more effective, location-independent collaboration and transfer of knowledge, this also improves company communication as a whole.

Besides the German Prize for Online Communication 2014, the user-centric intranet concept for BT Transport has been distinguished with the German Design Award 2016.

Das Intranet und die News-App der BT